Saint Enda of Arran

Also known as

  • Enda of Aran
  • Enda of Arranmore
  • Éanna of…
  • Edna of…
  • Éinne of…
  • Endeus of…
  • Enna of…



An Irish prince, the son of Conall Derg of Ergall, Ulster. Brother of Saint Fanchea of Rossory who brought him to the Faith. Brother-in-law to King Oengus of Munster, Ireland. Soldier. When he converted to Christianity, he gave up the military life and his dreams of conquest, and planned to marry. When his fiancee suddenly died, Enda renounced his claim to the throne and became a monk. Pilgrim to Rome, Italy. Priest. Studied with Saint Ninian in Galloway, Scotland. Founded a monastery at Killeany on Inishmore in the Arran Islands on land donated by King Oengus. It was the first true monastery in Ireland, ten other houses developed directly from it, and Enda is considered the founder of Irish monasticism. Built churches at Drogheda, and a monastery in the Boyne valley. His houses lived under a severely austere rule, and prayerful men lived in them for centuries. Spiritual teacher of Saint Ciaran of Clonmacnoise, Saint Brendan the Voyager, Saint Finnian, Saint Columba of Iona, Saint Jarlath of Tuam, and Saint Carthach the Elder.




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