Saint Deochar

detail of the Saint Deochar altarpiece at the Church of Saint Lawrence in Nuernberg; it depicts Saint Deochar giving thanks before the altar for the healing of the blindness of a young boy; on the right is Saint Boniface whose relics were in the altar; date and artist unknownAlso known as

  • Deocarus
  • Deotker
  • Dietger
  • Gottlief
  • Theotgar
  • Theutger



Hermit in the Franconia forests near Fulda, an area in modern Germany. Spiritual student of Blessed Alcuin at Aachen, Germany. Benedictine monk and first abbot of Herriedon abbey; he was chosen for the position by Blessed Charlemagne. Appointed missus regius (king‘s messenger), a royal office, in 802. Helped translate the relics to Saint Boniface to Fulda in 819. Attended the synod of Mainz, Germany in 829. A famous miracle ascribed to him was healing a young boy‘s blindness by prayer.






  • man enthroned under Christ among the apostles
  • man giving thanks before an altar while nearby is the boy whose blindness was healed
  • man standing in front of an open tomb, which may be identified as that of Saint Boniface

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