Saint Deicola

illustration of Saint Deicolus, Abbot, from the book 'Saints of the Order of Saint Benedict', designed by Father Amandus LiebhaberAlso known as

  • Deel
  • Deicolus
  • Deille
  • Delle
  • Desle
  • Dichul
  • Diey
  • Deicuil
  • Dicuil



Older brother of Saint Gall. Monk. Studied at Bangor Abbey under Saint Comgall of Bangor and Saint Columba. Evangelized in Austrasia and Burgundy in 567. One of the twelve who accompanied Saint Columba to France and helped found the abbey of Luxeuil. When Saint Columba was exiled by Thierry II, Deicola, too old to accompany him, founded the monastery of Lure in the Vosges, France. He then retired to the monastery as a hermit.





  • hermit with a wild boar at his feet
  • hermit with a ray of light shining on him
  • with King Clothair

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