Saint Cyprian of Calamizzi

Saint Cyprian of CalamizziAlso known as

  • Cipriano



Born to the to wealthy nobility; his father was a physician, and Cyprian studied medicine himself. Monk at Holy Saviour monastery in Calanna, Italy at age 25. Hermit on family lands in Pavigliana, Italy, spending 20 years in prayer, meditation and growing his own food. Word of his learning and holiness spread, and people came to him for medical help and spiritual advice; some tried to stay as spiritual students, but Cyprian sent them away. Abbot of the San Nicolas monastery in Calamizzi at age 60 at the request of the monks. There Cyprian became known for his austerity, adherance to the rule of his Order, his charity to poor, and his wise counsel to anyone who approached him. He rebuilt the monastery, restored its church, built a bell tower, expanded the library, worked to increase the education and spirituality of his monks, and worked during the day as a free physician to all comers. He once fell from a wagon and broke his leg, which was badly set and left him with a lifelong limp.



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