Saint Cunibert of Cologne

[Saint Cunibert of Cologne]Also known as

  • Cunibert of Keulen
  • Cunibert of Köln
  • Cunibert of Trèves
  • Cunibert of Trier
  • Cunipert of….
  • Honoberht of….
  • Kunibert of….



Born to the Frankish nobility. Archdeacon of Trier, Germany. Archbishop of Cologne, Germany in 627. Spiritual teacher and advisor to Saint Sigebert III, and co-regent of Austrasia. Known as a great builder of churches and monasteries in his diocese. Legend says that a dove led him to the lost grave of Saint Ursula.




  • bishop with a bird (usually a dove or pigeon), often speaking in his ear or leading him somewhere
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