Saint Cugat del Valles

detail of the painting 'Martyrdom of Saint Cucuphas' by Ayne Bru, 1500-1507; National Art Museum of Catalonia, Spain; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Cobad
  • Cocoba
  • Cocobas
  • Cophan
  • Cougat
  • Covade
  • Cucao
  • Cucufa
  • Cucufas
  • Cucufat
  • Cucufate
  • Cucuphas
  • Cucuphat
  • Culgat
  • Guinefort
  • Gulnefort
  • Qaqophas
  • Qoqofas
  • Quiquefat
  • Quiquenfat



Born to an illustrious family in north Africa. He fled to Spain to avoid the persecutions of Diocletian. Spiritual teacher of Saint Juliana of Mataro and Saint Semproniana of Mataro. Arrested for his faith in Barcelona, he was hauled before Governor Dacian and ordered to sacrifice to idols; when he refused, he was imprisoned, tortured and executed. Martyr. Prudentius mentions him in his Hymns.




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