Saint Crispoldus

Saint Crispoldus as depicted on a votice plaque; 1780 by John Meazzi; photographed on 23 July 2014 by Fm2001; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Chrysopolitus
  • Crispoldo
  • Crispolito
  • Crispolto
  • Crispoltus
  • Cyspolitus



Bishop of Bettona, Italy where he was known as a miracle worker. May have been bishop of Nocera, Italy, too. Arrested by order of prefect Asterius in the late 3rd-century persecutions of emperor Maximian, ordered to sacrifice to pagan gods, and then tortured and killed with another Christian, named Barontius, when he refused to do so. Martyr.

Some sources list him as one of 70 Disciples, and say that he was sent by Saint Peter the Apostle to evangelize in Italy in 58, but it’s hard to reconcile that with his death 250 years later.




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