Saint Corentius of Quimper

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Corentius in the cathedral of Saint-Corentin de Quimper, France; date and artist unknown; photographed on 23 July 2015 by Thesupermat; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Corentin
  • Corentinus
  • Cury



Son of a British chieftain. Hermit at Plomodiern in Brittany. First bishop of Cornouaille, (modern Quimper), France, consecrated by Saint Martin. Signed the decrees of the Council of Angers in 453.

Legend says that when a hermit, he fed on a fish that would regenerate after Corentius had taken a piece of its flesh.


  • c.490 of natural causes



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