Blessed Convoyon of Redon

1912 illustration of the attack of the monastery of Blessed Convoyon of Redon by Norman invaders; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Convoyon of Brittany
  • Conwoion of….
  • Convoion of….
  • Convoio of….
  • Konvoion of….
  • Konvoyon of….
  • Konwoion of….



Archdeacon of Vannes, France. Hermit. Benedictine monk at Glanfeuil, France. Founded Saint Savior monastery near Redon, France in 831, and served as its first abbot. Spiritual teacher of Saint Fidweten. Invading Norseman attacked the monastery and drove him into exile where he spent his later years.




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