Saint Cloud

Saint CloudAlso known as

  • Clodoald
  • Clodoaldo
  • Clodoaldus
  • Claud



Born to French royalty, son of King Clodomir and Clotilde, and grandson of King Clovis and Saint Clotilda. His father died in battle when his children were still quite young. The king‘s sons were raised in Paris, France by their grandmother, Saint Clotilda, until an ambitious uncle murdered two of them in a power grab. Clodoaldus escaped, renounced all claims to the throne, and lived as a studious hermit.

Spiritual student of Saint Severinus the Hermit. Young Cloud withdrew to Provence to live as a prayerful hermit, but when his identity became known, his hermitage became a destination point for pilgrims, and he returned to Paris. Priest. Built a monastery near Paris, a house later known as Saint Cloud, retired there, and led a community of holy brothers by his example. The town of Saint Cloud grew up around the monastery.




Name Meaning

  • out of the mist [middle english]


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