Saint Clotilde

painted and gilded stone, glass and enamel sculpture of Saint Clotilde; Eugène Guillaume, sculptor, Alexandre Denuelle, painter, 1854; Church of Saint Clothilde, Paris, France; photographed on 17 June 2018 by Ibex73; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Chlodechildis
  • Chrodechildis
  • Clothilde
  • Clotichilda
  • Clotild
  • Clotilda
  • Clotildus
  • Croctild
  • Crotildes
  • Hlodihildi
  • Hlotild
  • Hroþihildi
  • Rotilde



Born a princess, the daughter of King Chilperic of Burgundy. Married young to King Clovis of the Salian Franks while he was still a pagan; she brought him to the faith. Queen. Mother of three sons. Led her husband to Christianity in 496. Widow. Following Clovis‘s death in 511, her sons fought for years over the kingdom. To escape the constant murder and intrigue, she retired to Tours, France where she spent her remaining 34 years caring for the poor and sick.






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