Saint Clemente Ignacio Delgado Cebrián

detail of a portrait of Saint Clemente Ignacio Delgado Cebrián, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Ignacio Clemente Delgado Cebrián
  • Ignacio Delgado y Cebrián
  • Ignatius Delgado y Cebrian
  • Ignatius Delgado y Cebrián
  • Klemens Ignatius Delgado y Cebrián



Raised in a pious family. Joined the Dominicans in 1780. Priest. Missionary to the Philippines, and then Vietnam where he worked for nearly 50 years. Apostolic vicar and of East Tonkin (in modern Vietnam) and titular bishop of Metellopolis on 11 February 1794. He and several of his Dominican brothers ttried to escape the persecution of Christians by living in a cave, but they were betrayed and arrested on 13 May 1838. He was locked in a cage, put on public display for ridicule and abuse, and left to die of hunger, thirst and exposure. Martyr.






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