Saint Clair of Epte

Also known as

  • Clair of Beauvais
  • Clare…



Born to the nobility, Clair felt a call to religious life, and lived at home much like a monk. His father arranged a marriage for Clair to a nearby wealthy heiress, and when the young man said he preferred to devote himself to God, the woman tried to seduce him in order to joined the two families together. When he refused her, she became enraged, and swore vengance. Clair fled to the region of Normandy, France c.866 where he lived as a hermit. Word spread of his wisdom and ability to heal by prayer, and Clair had to keep moving from place to place in order to have solitude. Ordained a priest in 870. Hermit in the woods around Nacqueville, France, and then at a hermitage on the banks of the river Epte where he lived with brother hermit and spiritual student named Cyrin. He was finally located by agents sent by his spurned would-be wife, and murdered on her orders. Martyr.






  • hermit near a river holding his severed head
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