Blessed Christina of Spoleto

Blessed Christina of SpoletoAlso known as

  • Agostina Camozzi
  • Christina Camozzi
  • Christina Visconti (a mispelling that has been perpetuated in several accounts)
  • Christine…



Daughter of a physician. Married to a stone cutter, but widowed very young. She became mistress to a soldier, and bore his son, but the child died as an infant. Married a second time, she was widowed when the man was killed in a fight with a jealous rival. Realizing that her life was completely out of control, she had a conversion, became an Augustinian tertiary, took the name Christina, gave herself over to Christ, and imposed severe austerities on herself as penance for her earlier ways. Lived in a number of Augustinian convents, became known as a miracle worker, and was on a pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulchre when she died.


  • 1435 at Lake Lugano, Italy as Agostina Camozzi




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