Saint Ceolfrid

Also known as

  • Ceolfridus
  • Ceolfrith
  • Ceufrey
  • Cewfrey
  • Gaufrid
  • Geoffrey
  • Geoffroy
  • Geofroi
  • Gioffredo
  • Godefrid
  • Godefridus
  • Godfrey
  • Goffredo
  • Goffrey
  • Gofrido
  • Gotfrid
  • Gottfried
  • Jeffrey



Saxon Northumbrian noble. Benedictine monk at Gilling, North Yorkshire, then at Ripon, England where he served as cook. Ordained at age 27 at Ripon. He was well-educated, but had trouble with practical matters of administration. Prior at Wearmouth, but was too strict, and was removed for the good of the house. Accompanied Saint Benedict Biscop to Rome, Italy in 678. Deputy abbot of Saint Paul’s monastery, Wearmouth-Jarrow, England in 685. He and a single student were the only survivors in his house during a regional plague outbreak. Abbot in 690. Turned the monasteries into a cultural center. Ordered the production of the Codex Amatianus, the oldest known single-volume copy of the entire Vulgate Bible, and was taking it to Rome when he died. Trained the Venerable Bede.




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