Saint Cedd

Saint CeddAlso known as

  • Cedda
  • Cedde
  • Ceddus
  • Ceddi
  • Ceadwalla



Brother of Saint Chad and Saint Cynibild; his brother Caelin was also a priest. Benedictine monk at Lindisfarne, England. Spiritual student of Saint Aidan of Lindesfarne. Priest. Missionary to the Midlands of England in 653, sent by King Oswiu of Northumbria with three other priests at the request of convert King Peada of the Middle Angles. Worked with Saint Diuma. Missionary in Essex by request of converted King Sigebert of the East Angles. Bishop of the East Saxons, consecrated by Saint Finan of Iona. Founded churches and monasteries at Bradwell-on-the-Sea, Lastingham, and Tilbury, and served as abbot of the house in Lastingham. Attended the Synod of Whitby in 664 where he acted as an interpreter, and at which he accepted Roman Easter observance. In his old age he retired to the monastery at Lastingham, Yorkshire.





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