Saint Catherine of Palma

Saint Catherine of PalmaAlso known as

  • Catherine Tomas
  • Catherine Thomas
  • Catalina Thomas
  • Catalina Tomas
  • Katarina Tom├ís av Palma



Orphan who lived an unhappy childhood in the home of her paternal uncle. Felt a call to the religious life at age 15, but her confessor convinced her to wait a little. Domestic servant in Palma, Spain where she learned to read and write. Joined the Canonesses of Saint Augustine at Saint Mary Magdalen convent in Palma. Subjected to many strange phenomena and mystical experiences including visits from angels, Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Catherine of Siena. Had the gifts of visions and prophecy. Assaulted spiritually and physically by dark powers, she sometimes went into ecstatic trances for days at a time; her wounds from this abuse were treated by Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian. During her last years she was almost continually in ecstasy. Foretold the date of her death.






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