Saint Camilla Battista Varano

Saint Camilla Battista VaranoAlso known as

  • Battista Varano
  • Camilla da Varano



Born to the wealthy nobility; her father was the prince of Camerino, Italy. Camilla early felt a call to the religious life, which her family initially opposed, hoping for a good marriage for her. She became a Poor Clare nun in Urbino, Italy at age 23. Abbess of the convent of Santa Maria Nuova at Camarino, Italy which her father had restored for her. In 1502 her father and brothers were all killed for political reasons. In 1505, Pope Julius II sent her to found a Poor Clare convent in Fermo, Italy. In 1521 she helped institute the rule of the Poor Clares in San Severino Marche, Italy. Visionary; the visions of angels helped her understand several theological concepts. Stigmatist.






  • Praises of the Visions of Christ, 1479 – 1481
  • Remembrances of Jesus, 1483
  • Treatise on the Mental Sufferings of Jesus Christ our Lord, 1488
  • The Spiritual Life, 1491


Two angels came to me, dressed in resplendent white garments which I have seen only worn by Jesus. They had wings of gold. One of them took my soul from the right side, the other from the left side, and they elevated it in the air, laying it down near the crucified feet of the Son of God made Man. This state lasted about two months almost continually; I seem to walk, to speak, and do what I wished, deprived however of my soul. It remained there where the two Angels had placed it but they never abandoned it. They (the celestial spirits) declare to me that they were so intimate with God that God is not ever separated from them. They also explained to me that the Seraphim were likewise united to the Cherubim in that none of them could ever go without the other to a soul.

– from The Spiritual Life by Saint Camilla

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