Saint Caimin of Lough Derg

Also known as

  • Camin of Inniskeltra
  • Caminus of Lough Derg
  • Cammin of Inniskeltra



Son of Dima and Cuman; related to the kings of Leinster, Ireland and half-brother of Guare, king of Connaught, Ireland. Little is known of his early life, but he was well educated. Hermit at Inniskeltra (Inish-Keltra), Lough Derg where his reputation for holiness attracted students. With Saint Senan of North Wales, he founded a monastery and a chapel, known as Tempul-Cammin, on the island of the Seven Churches; it was raided by the Danes several times, was occupied over 350 years, and some of its ruins survive today. Wrote a commentary on the Psalms, and a piece of it in his own hand-writing has survived. Reported miracle worker.



  • 653 of natural causes


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