Saint Burchard of Würzburg

detail of a photograph of a statute of Saint Burkhard of Wurzburg on the Old Main Bridge, Wurzburg, Germany; taken on 14 December 2009 by Str1977; swiped off WikipediaAlso known as

  • Burchardus
  • Burkard
  • Burkhard



Born wealthy, he felt early called to the Church and working with the poor. Inspired by Saint Boniface, he became a missionary in the area of modern Germany. First bishop of Würzburg, Franconia, consecrated by Saint Boniface in 741 and confirmed by Pope Saint Zachary in 743. Under his ministry all of Franconia converted, and several monasteries were founded by and for his people. Promoted devotion to Saint Killian who had previously worked in the region. A favourite of King Pepin the Short. Burchard led the party that sought Pope Zachary‘s decision on who should be the king of the Franks. Resigned his bishopric in 752, and spent the rest of his days in solitude and prayer.





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