Saint Bruno of Querfort

detail of a medieval fresco depicting the death of Saint Bruno, artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Boniface
  • Brun
  • Apostle of Livonia
  • Second Apostle of the Prussians



Great-uncle of Saint Bruno of Wurzburg. In 996 he accompanied Emperor Otto III to Rome, Italy where he met Saint Adalbert of Prague. Spiritual student of Saint Romuald and Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg. Wrote a biography of Saint Adalbert, and of the martyred monks known as The Five Polish Brothers. Head of the School of Magdeburg. Chaplain of Emperor Otto III. Benedictine Camaldolese monk, taking the name Boniface in 997. Archbishop to the Slavs in Merseburg (in modern Germany) in 1004. Evangelized Hungarians, Petsbenges, Prussians and Russians. Martyr. He is listed with two feast days because he was known in some areas by his given name (Bruno), and in some by his cloistered name (Boniface).





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