Saint Brinolfo Algotsson

Also known as

  • Brynolf



Born to the nobility, the son of Algot Brynolfsson. Educated at the cathedral of Skara, Sweden, and in Paris, France where he heard lectures by Saint Thomas Aquinas; Brinolfo was noted all his life for his learning. Had an extensive background in theology and canon law. Dean of the Linköping chapter and bishop of Skara in 1278; he served for over 38 years. Active in the political life of the country, Brinolfo worked to ensure that the needs and teachings of the Church became part of public policy. He supported missionaries in Sweden. When his work ran afoul of the absolutist King Magnus Ladulas c.1288, Brinolfo was forced briefly into exile. Wrote on theology, church administration, and poetry for feasts and holy days.



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