Saint Braulio of Saragossa

Saint Braulio of SaragossaAlso known as

  • Braulio



Son of Gregory of Osma, a Hispano-Roman bishop. Monk at Saint Engratia’s monastery, Zaragoza, Spain. Studied in Seville, Spain under Saint Isidore. Ordained in 624 by his brother John, archbhishop of Zaragoza. Archdeacon to John. Bishop in 631, and archbishop of Zaragoza. Noted scholar, writer, correspondent, and exceptional hagiographer. Advisor to kings of Spain. Fought Arianism, and converted the Visigoths from the heresy. Attended councils in Toledo in 633, 636 and 638. Collaborated with Saint Isidore to create his encyclopedic work, the Etymologies, which partially led Isidore to be proferred as the patron of computers and the Internet. His eyesight became extremely poor as he aged; we have letters in which he complained bitterly of the loss, as it put a stop to his studies.





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