Saint Bodagisil of Aquitaine

Also known as

  • Bodagisil of St-Avold
  • Bodagisil of Metz
  • Bada of….
  • Baudgise of….
  • Bodagisle of….
  • Bodegisel of….
  • Bodogisilus of….
  • Bodogisil of….
  • Bogie of….
  • BuĂȘle of….



Born to the Frankish nobility, and a royal courtier. Convert. Governor of Marseilles and Germania. Married to Oda, a member of the Swabian nobility. Father of Saint Arnulf of Metz. Founder and first abbot of an abbey on the banks of the River Meuse. Praised by Saint Venantius Fortunatus and Saint Gregory of Tours.


  • 588 of natural causes


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