Saint Blane

statue in the pulpit of Dunblane Cathedral, artist unknown, photographer unknownAlso known as

  • Blaan
  • Blan
  • Blain



Nephew of Saint Cathan. Studied in Ireland under Saint Comgall of Bangor, Saint Kenneth, and Saint Canice. Monk. After seven years, he returned to Scotland; tradition says he travelled in a boat without oars or rudder, but that it took him safely home. Monk at the monstery founded by Cathan; ordained by his uncle. Missionary to the Scottish Picts. Bishop of Kingarth, Scotland, ordained by Cathen. Pilgrim to Rome to seek papal blessing on his bishopric; made the return trip entirely on foot.

Reputed miracle worker, including bringing the young son of a British chief back to life, curing the blind, and lighting fire by making small bolts of lightning jump between his fingers. Devotion to Blane soon followed his death, was widespread in Scotland, and very popular; his monastery became the site of the cathedral of Dunblane, Scotland and there were several churches with his name.




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