Saint Beuno Gasulsych

detail of an illustration of Saint Beuno and the Curlew from the book 'Legends of Saints and Birds', by Agnes Aubrey Hilton, 1908Also known as

  • Beuno of Wales
  • Beunor…
  • Benno…
  • Bennow…



Son of Beugi, and grandson of a Welsh prince, and, legend says, grand-nephew of King Arthur himself. Educated in Herefordshire and Bangor, Wales. Ordained at Bangor. Founded and served as abbot in Clynnog Fawr (Carnarvonshire), North Wales. Uncle, spiritual teacher, and guardian of Saint Winifred. Late in life he received a series of visions. Legend says that when Winfred was beheaded by a jilted suitor, Beuno placed the severed head back on the body and Winifred lived. People still sit sick children on the great stone slab of his tomb in hopes of their healing.






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