Saint Berthevin of Lisieux

Also known as

  • Berthevin of Laval
  • Berthevin of Parigny
  • Berthevin of Vicoin
  • Berthevin of Val-Guidon
  • Bertevin
  • Bertewin
  • Bertewinus
  • Berthvin
  • Berthwinus
  • Bertininus
  • Bertivinus
  • Bertunius
  • Bertunus
  • Bertuwinus
  • Bertuwius
  • Bertwin
  • Brévin



Priest in the diocese of Bayeaux, France. During the Norman invasions, Berthevin fled to Laval, France where he became tutor to the children of the Count of Laval, and a courtier and advisor to the count. A pious and virtuous man, Berthevin spent his free time studying and in prayer, sometimes at a nearby pond, sometimes in the church of Saint Nicolas near Mayenne, France. His religious zeal interfered with the worldly ways of some of the members of the count‘s court – so they murdered him. Martyr. The towns of Saint-Berthevin and Saint-Berthevin-la-Tannière in France are named in his honour.




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