Saint Bernard of Menthon

detail of a photo of a statue of Saint Bernard that stands at Little Saint Bernard Pass, an area of the Alps between France and Italy; taken on 19 July 2006 by Vberger; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Apostle of the Alps
  • Bernard of Aosta
  • Bernard of Aotha
  • Bernard of Mentone
  • Bernard of Montjoux



Born to the French nobility. Priest. Archdeacon of Aosta in 996. Evangelized the people of the Alps for over 40 years. Vicar-general of Alpine diocese. He started a patrol that cleared robbers from the mountains, and he established hospices for travellers and pilgrims to Rome, Italy; he established a community of Augustinian Hospitallers to staff them, and they continue their good work today. The large dogs, trained to search for lost victims in the mountains, are named for him.






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