Saint Benedict Biscop

Saint Benedict BiscopAlso known as

  • Benet Biscop
  • Biscop Baducing



Anglo-Saxon nobility. Grew up around the court of King Oswy of Northumbria, and held court offices. Following a pilgrimage to Rome he renouced his wealth and position, and dedicated himself to prayer and scripture study. Monk at the monastery of Saint-Honorat near Cannes, France in 666, taking the name Benedict.

In 668 Pope Saint Vitalian sent him and the monk Adrian to advise Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury until 671. Traditionally introduced the construction of stone churches and glass church windows to England, and brought in many foreign craftsman to do the work and teach the English. Tried to introduce more Roman rituals to English worship. Founded the monasteries of Wearmouth and Jarrow. Built a large library and scriptorium at Wearmouth.

In late life Benedict suffered a painful paralysis, and was confined to his bed for his last three years. He continued to work from his bed, buying books, establishing the Benedictine Rule.






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