Saint Beatus of Lungern

Saint Beatus of LungernAlso known as

  • Apostle of Switzerland
  • Beatus of Beatenberg
  • Beatus of Thun



Convert, baptized in England by Saint Barnabas the Apostle. Priest, ordained in Rome, Italy by Saint Peter the Apostle. Missionary to Switzerland. Lived in a cave above the Lake of Thun, which tradition says is where he fought a dragon (often used as a metaphor for chasing the devil out of a region by bringing in Christianty); it became known as Mount Beatenburg in his honor, and became a place of pilgrimage in later years. Confessor of the faith.


  • c.112 on Mount Beatenburg, Lake of Thun, Switzerland of natural causes




  • old man in a cave, usually reading
  • monk fighting or chasing a dragon
  • monk with a book and a weapon
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