Saint Beatrice da Silva Meneses

Saint Beatrice da Silva MenesesAlso known as

  • Brites
  • Beatrix da Silva
  • Beatriz da Silva Meneses



Daughter of the Count of Viana. Sister of Saint Amedeus of Portugal. Raised in the household of Princess Isabel, and accompanied her to Castile when she married John II of Castile. Beatrice spent much of her life as a courtier, but tired of it. She retired to a Cistercian convent in the city of Toledo, and dedicated the rest of her life to God.

Around 1484, Beatrice left the Cistercians and founded the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Conceptionist Nuns). With the help of Queen Isabel, who funded the start of the new order, Beatrice established a house near the city of Toledo in the castle of Galliana, served as its abbess, and spent the final six years of her life working with the women who joined the order.




  • 28 July 1926 by Pope Pius XI (cultus confirmed)
  • 21 January 1974 by Pope Paul VI (decree on heroic virtues)
  • recorded miracles involved the instantaneous and perfect healing of Sister Mary of Saint Anne, 22, from a hemorrhage subretinica, retinicis, and a secondary lesions of the eye on 25 March 1923 in Mexico City; and Elizabeth Orozco Estrada, 63, from the small intestine and colon malignant neoplasia in September 1945 in Mexico City



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