Saint Baudelius of Nimes

detail of stained glass window depicting the martyrdom of Saint Baudelius of Nimes, artist unknown, church of Saint-Baudile, Noves, FranceAlso known as

  • Baldiri
  • Basile
  • Baudelio
  • Baudile
  • Baudilio
  • Baudilus
  • Bausile
  • Boal
  • Boi



Married lay evangelist who worked tirelessly to spread the faith in Gaul. He arrived Nîmes, France during a sacrifice to the Roman god Veiovis; he knocked over the statue, interrupted the sacrifice, preached against false gods, and was immediately seized, whipped and murdered. Martyr. Over 400 churches have been dedicated to him throughout France and Spain.



  • beheaded in late 3rd century Nîmes, France
  • on the three places where his severed head touched the ground, there sprang up healing springs of water; the street of Trois Fontaines in modern Nîmes goes through the traditional execution area
  • his wife took the body to a place called Valsainte for proper burial; a church was built over the tomb, it became a place of pilgrimage, and a monastery was built nearby that lasted over 1,000 years


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