Saint Basilides of Alexandria

Saint Basilides of Alexandria holy card, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Basilide



Pagan Roman soldier. Guard to the prefect of Egypt. Defended Saint Potomiana from the mob as she was being led to her martyrdom. She appeared to Basilides in visions each of three nights after her martyrdom, claiming to be praying for him and his conversion. He converted and was martyred for his new faith.




Additional Information


Basilides was one of the guards that led Saint Potamiana to a martyr‘s death. Whilst the rest of the soldiers and the crowd of spectators insulted the holy virgin, he treated her with great respect and protected her from the assaults of the rabble. The martyr thanked him for his kindness, and promised to pray for him when she came into God’s presence. A few days after her death the grace of God touched Basilides’ heart, and he professed himself a Christian. His comrades at first imagined that he was jesting. But when he persevered in the confession of the Faith, he was brought before the judge, who sentenced him to be beheaded next day. Taken to prison, he was baptized, and at the appointed time, executed. Father John J Burke, Mary, Help of Christians, 1909

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