Saint Bartolomeu dei Martiri Fernandes

detail of a portrait of Saint Bartolomeu dei Martiri Fernandes, by Giuseppe Antonio Lomuscio; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Bartholomeo Fernandez dos Martires
  • Bartolomeu Fernandes dos Mártires
  • Bartolomeu dos Mártires Fernandes
  • Bartholomew of Braga
  • Bartholomæus de Martyribus



Joined the Dominicans on 11 November 1528. Took part in the Council of Trent, and introduced the Council‘s decisions to Portugal. Archbishop of Braga, Portugal from 27 January 1559 through 23 February 1582. Built hospitals and hospices in his diocese, and founded the first clerical seminary in Portugal. He wrote Biblical commentaries, a Portuguese catechism, and a Compendium doctrinæ spiritualis. Late in life Pope Gregory XIII allowed him to resign his office, and Bartolomeu spent his last eight years as a teacher and prayerful monk in the monastery of Viana, Portugal.






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