Saint Barlaam of Antioch

Saint Barlaam of AntiochMemorial


Uneducated Christian peasant. Jailed for his faith during the persecution of Diocletian. Brought to trial in 304, he was scourged, racked, tortured, and ordered to deny his faith; he refused. In an effort to make it look as though Barlaam were making an incense offering to an idol, the judge had the prisoner‘s hand covered in incense, then held over the coals of a brazier. He thought that when Barlaam flinched from the pain, the incense would fall in the fire, he could declare that Barlaam had made sacrifice, and he could be turned loose as an example. Instead, Barlaam never flinched. When his entire hand had burned off, the judge gave up and had him murdered. Martyr.


  • Antioch



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