Saint Barbatus of Benevento

Saint Barbatus, Bishop from Pictorial Lives of the SaintsAlso known as

  • Barbas
  • Barbato



Priest at an early age. Fiery preacher whose flock turned on him because of his zeal; he finally resigned his parish and returned home. There he fought against a resurgent paganism involving the worship of a golden viper and animal skin hung in a tree. For unrelated reasons, the army of Emperor Constans, besieged Benevento; the locals soon listened to the preacher, renounced their errors, and stopped their idolatrous practices. Barbatus assured them that the siege would end; it did. The saint cut down the tree with his own hand, and melted down the golden viper to make a chalice for the altar. Bishop on 10 March 663. Eradicated superstition in the state. Assisted in a council called by Pope Agatho at Rome, Italy in 680. Attended the Sixth General Council held at Constantinople against the Monothelites in 681.





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