Saint Baglan of Wales

Also known as

  • Baglan of Armorica
  • Faglan of…



Fifth century missionary from Brittany to Britain, especially in Wales. He founded monasteries, including one whose site was chosen via a crozier with healing powers which led him to a tree with “three kinds of fruit”. One of the Breton Missionaries to Britain.



  • carrying fire in his bare hands (symbolic of controlled his lusts without them harming him)
  • with a tree bearing three types of fruit (emblematic of teaching the Trinity, similar to Patrick’s clover; or of faith, hope and love; or of poverty, chastity and obedience)
  • a man by a tree with a hive of bees in the trunk, a sow with her litter underneath it, and a crow who had made a nest in the branches (a tree with three types of fruit)
  • a man kneeling in prayer so long that his knees have left dents in the stone
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