Saint Auditus of Braga

detail of a statue of Saint Auditus of Braga, date and artist unknown; cathedral of Braga, Portugal; photographed on 26 May 2009 by Joseolgon; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Audito
  • Ouvido
  • Ovid
  • Ovidio
  • Ovidius



Imperial Roman citizen. Auditus was chosen 3rd bishop of Braga, Portugal by Pope Clement I in 95. Baptized Saint Marina. Martyr.



  • 135 in Braga, Portugal
  • interred in the cathedral of Braga
  • at the base of his sepulchre are two small holes where, traditionally, people put their fingers before putting them in their ears when asking for the intercession of Auditus for the petitioner’s auditory problems



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