Saint Astricus of Esztergom

statue of Saint Astrik by György Benedek, 2000; Kalocsa, Hungary; photographed on 26 May 2008 by Csanády; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Astricus of Ungarn
  • Anastasius XIX
  • Ascrick
  • Astericus
  • Astericus Anastasius
  • Astrik of Pannonhalma
  • Astrik-Anastaz
  • Radla



Monk in Rome, Italy, taking the name Astricus. Friend of Saint Adalbert of Prague, and assisted Adalbert on his missionary work in Bohemia. First abbot of Brevnov. Due to anti-Christian persecution in the region, he had to flee to Hungary. Worked as a missionary to the Magyars. Spiritual teacher to the wife of Duke Geza, the mother of Saint Stephen of Hungary, in 997. First abbot of Saint Martin’s monastery in Pannonhalma, the first monastery in Hungary, a house founded by Duke Geza. When Saint Stephen succeeded his father Geza as duke, Anastasius renewed his evangelization work with the Magyars. First archbishop of the Hungarian Church with his see city probably at Kalocsa. He was sent as ambassador to Rome, and negotiated the recognition of the new kingdom of Hungary by Pope Sylvester II. He transported the crown that the pope gave for Stephen to be crowned as King of the Hungarians by Emperor Otto III in 1001. Advisor to Stephen on matters of spirit and state until Stephen‘s death. He outlived Stephen by two years, and spent those last days as a prayerful monk.



  • c.1035 of natural causes



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