Saint Arduinus of Rimini

Saint Arduinus of RiminiAlso known as

  • Arduino



Spiritual student of Venerio, rector of the church of San Gregorio in Rimini, Italy. Priest in Rimini, ordained by Bishop Uberto; Adruinus had to pay Uberto to ordain him, but he was a dedicated priest who made the one concession to the worldly ways of his time and then fought against it. At one point, he and Venerio retired from the world to live as hermits in the church of San Apollinare in Classe, Ravenna, Italy. Arduinus celebrated Mass daily, a rarity in that time and location. Charitable to the point of complete poverty for himself. He ended his days in the San Gudenzio monastery, still assisting and learning from Venerio who served as abbot of the house, but never taking any vows as a monk.



  • 1009 of natural causes
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