Saint Apollonius the Apologist

Pictorial Lives of the Saints illustration of Saint Apollonius the ApologistAlso known as

  • Apollonius the Martyr
  • Apollonius of Rome
  • Apollon….



Imperial Roman senator and scholar. After studying pagan philosophy and the Scriptures, he converted to Christianity during a period the faith was banned, but little effort was put into persecution. Denounced to the authorities as a Christian by one of his slaves, Apollonius was ordered to renounced his faith. He refused. Delivered an eloquent defense of the faith before the Senate. Martyr.



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O Lord Jesus Christ, grant us a measure of your Spirit. Help us to
obey your teaching,
soothe anger,
cultivate pity,
overcome desire,
increase love,
cast off sorrow,
shun vainglory,
renounce revenge,
and not be afraid of death.
Let us ever entrust our spirit to the everlasting God who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and rules forever and ever. Amen.

Saint Apollonius of Rome, Senator, Apologist and Martyr

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