Saint Antonius of Florence

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Antoninus of Florence, apse of Saint Dominic's Priory church, London, England; swiped with permission from the flickr account of Brother Lawrence Lew, OPAlso known as

  • Antonius Pierozzi
  • Antonino…
  • Antoninus…
  • People’s Prelate
  • Protector of the Poor



When he first tried to join the Dominicans he was refused due to his poor health. When he persisted, the prior told him he could only enter if he could recite the whole of canon law from memory; a year later, in 1405, after spending his time in study, he recited it and was admitted. As a novice, he studied under Blessed Lorenzo of Ripafratta. Priest. Worked for the reforms of Blessed John Dominic. Vicar of the convent of Foligno, Italy in 1414. Prior. Member of the Council of Florence which sought to end the schism between the churches of the east and west. Vicar-General of the Dominicans. Archbishop of Florence, Italy in 1446. Diplomat. Theologian. Healer. Wrote a biography of Blessed John Dominic, a history of the world, and a reference work on moral theology.






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