Saint Antonio of Tlaxcala

Martyrs of TlaxcalaAlso known as

  • Anthony of Tlaxcala



Grandson of the Tlaxcala noble Xicohténcati, and heir to his title and estates. Convert to Christianity. One of the Three Child Martyrs of Tlaxcala.






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With great joy I have also proclaimed as Blessed the three child martyrs of Tlaxcala: Cristobal, Antonio and Juan. At a tender age they were drawn to the words and witness of the missionaries and they became helpers, as catechists for other indigenous people. They are sublime and instructive examples of how evangelization is a task of all God’s People, excluding no one, not even children. With the Church in Tlaxcala and in Mexico, I am pleased to be able to offer all of Latin America and the universal Church this example of child-like piety, of apostolic and missionary generosity, crowned by the grace of martyrdom. – from the beatification homily of Pope John Paul II

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