Saint Antimund of Thérouanne

Also known as

  • Animundus
  • Antimond
  • Antimonde
  • Antimundus
  • Autimond
  • Autimundus



Hermit in Gallia Belgica (in modern northern France) in the early 6th century. Priest. Feeling a call to missionary work, and he and a Father Adelbert were sent by Saint Remigius of Rheims to evangelize the Morini people in the area of modern Picardy, France; this was a people who had received Christianity centuries earlier, but had reverted to their pagan roots. The pagan priests opposed him and supported continued worship of idols, but the people of the region were interested and he converted many. First bishop of Thérouanne in the Artois region of modern France, consecrated by Saint Remigius. Later invasions wiped out his good work, and in 7th century missionaries to the region had to start all over.


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