Saint Anthony of Lérins

Also known as

  • Antony of Lérins
  • Anthony the Hermit



Anthony’s father died when the boy was eight years old, and he was raised for several years by Saint Severinus of Noricum. Severinus, however, died when the boy was in his early teens, and Antony moved in with his uncle, Bishop Constantius of Lorsch, Bavaria (in modern Germany. When he was of age, Anthony became a monk. Hermit in the area of Lake Como, Italy. He and some other solitaries gained such a reputation for sanctity that they attracted would-be students. Anthony, wanting to live the life of a hermit moved to the Isle of Lerins, France where he lived his last two years. Known as a miracle worker. Saint Ennodius of Pavia wrote a Life of Saint Antony.


  • c.468 at Valeria, Lower Pannonia (in modern Hungary)


  • c.520 at Lerins, Provence, France of natural causes


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