Saint Anthelm of Belley

detail from the illustration 'Saint Anthelm of Belley, pray for us', 1854, artist unknown; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Anthelm de Chignin
  • Anthelme….
  • Anthelmus….



Born to the nobility. Priest. Provost of a cathedral chapter. He got caught up in Church politics, and sought ecclesiastical positions to increase his power and authority rather than ability to serve. A visit to the Carthusians at Portes changed his view of his vocation, and he felt drawn to the monastic life. At age thirty, Anthelm renounced his offices, and retired to the Carthusian monastery. Within two years he was prior of the mother house at Grande Chartreuse; the monastery flourished and increased in both numbers and holiness. During the Schism of 1158 he supported Pope Alexander II, earning him the enmity of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. Bishop of Belley, France; he was so beloved that the town was briefly known as Anthelmopolis. Several years later, Anthelm retired to solitude at Portes. Within months he was asked to serve as prior of the community there. Two years later Anthelm retired to Grande Chartreuse, but was recalled to help mend a schism between King Henry II and Thomas a Becket in England.



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