Saint Ansovinus of Camerino

Saint Ansovinus of CamerinoAlso known as

  • Ansovino
  • Ansuinus
  • Answin
  • Oswin



Priest. Hermit at Castel Raimondo near Torcello, Italy. Bishop of Camerino, Italy, consecrated by Pope Leo IV; he accepted the vocation on the condition that his parishioners did not have to recruit soldiers, an obligation imposed on most bishops of the time. Confessor to Emperor Louis the Pious. Attended the Council of Rome called by Pope Saint Nicholas I in 861. Miracle worker. His association with crops come from his work of feeding the poor. Once when the granary was empty, but there were still poor people to feed, he prayed for help; the granary was found to be full, and everyone ate their fill.





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