Saint Anne, Patroness of Christian Mothers

And when God, in His love, has sent you children, O Christian parents, pray then especially to Saint Anne. Let her be your patron, your friend in heaven, powerful to intercede with her beloved child, and with her child’s Holy Son, for you. She was the perfect Mother, she knows your difficulties and trials in motherhood, those trials that are inseparable from the sweet vocation of parenthood.

Pray to her thus –

A Mother’s Prayer

O dear Saint Anne, Patroness of Christian Mothers, I commend my children to thy holy care. God has given them to me as He gave thee Mary, and it is to Him they really belong. He has only lent them to me in sacred trust. Intercede for me that I may be worthy of that trust and that I may ever do all in my power to lead them to God, by word and example. Let their spiritual welfare be ever my first consideration, but give me also the means to supply all that is necessary for their material welfare, suitable to our state of life. Help me, thou perfect mother to imitate thee in all my dealings with my children, to be wise, unselfish, patient and tolerant and endlessly devoted to their best interests. Thou knowest the difficulties inseparable from the task of bring up children, the anxiety, the worry, the hardship of providing them sometimes with the necessaries of life. Sustain me then in my trials and anxieties, and counsel me to do what is best for them materially and spiritually. Thou, who didst endure the pain of separation from thy dear child for love of God and her best interests, help me to bear the necessary separation from my children and, when I cannot be with them to watch over them and guide them, O, Saint Anne, take them into thy keeping and do not let them go astray. Pray to your holy child for them – to her, who is the mother of Good Counsel, that she may whisper her sweet counsel into their ears at the moment of temptation and danger and be between them and all harm.

And when that last sad moment comes, when I can no longer stay with them, when death must part us, O then, Saint Anne, may the final parting be sweetened and blessed as thine was, with the loving presence of my children, and may the crowning happiness of my motherhood be the happy re-union with them, before the throne of God, forever. Amen.


And husbands and wives, you who have sworn fidelity to each other at God’s altar; turn to Joachim and Anne for help and imitate them. They who loved each other so dearly, who were so mutually helpful and tolerant and considerate, whose love and trust was proof against all outside influence, will understand and sympathize with you.

Pray to them thus –

Prayer of the Husband and Wife

Blessed Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, patrons of Christian marriage, take us and our marriage under your protection. Blessed our union and our home. Place within its walls sweet holiness, happiness and peace. Give us mutual forbearance and an implicit trust in each other. Help us to bear each other’s burdens, with an unfailing devotion and fidelity. Counsel us to bear with the many trials and ups and downs of married life with cheerful patience, serenity, and good temper, bearing with each other’s faulits and failings in a forbearing spirit, and with love and sympathy and understanding waiting behind all.

Bind us together through life’s long journey, till death do us part and Jesus unites us forever in His sacred arms. Amen.


And you, children, who are happy and fortunate to have good and loving parents, pray also to Saint Anne to make you like her, sweet, holy, loving. Ask her to intercede with Mary, with whom she is so powerful, to take you under her protection and make you loving and dutiful children.

Let this be your prayer –

The Child’s Prayer to Saint Anne

O dearest Saint Anne, so beloved of Mary, what mother ever had such a perfect, loving child? Take me under thy care and make me a loving an dutiful child. Pray to Our Lady, Mother of Good Counsel, to counsel me in all my actions towards my parents. I know I receive everything from them, that they watch over constantly, with devotion and unselfish care, denying themselves everything for my happiness and welfare. Oh, make me grateful and appreciative of all their goodness. Help me to be a comfort and consolation to them, at all times, especially in sorrow and trial. Keep me from sin and temptation, that I may be unwilling to do anything that I know would grieve my parents, or displease them. Thus will I merit the rich and high reward that God Himself has promised to dutiful children. Amen.