Saint Anna Wang

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Born to a poor Christian farm family, Anna’s mother, a pious woman, died when the girl was five years old. In addition to her schooling, Anna had to help work the farm to support the family, but her teacher, Sister Lucy Wang, continued the religious education begun by Anna’s mother. When she was 11, Anna’s family tried to force her into an arranged marriage, but she fought against it. On 21 July 1900, an armed group associated with the antiChristian, anti-Western Boxer Rebellion entered her village, burned the church, gathered all the Christians, and ordered them to renounce Christianity; many did, usually as a way to save their children, who would have been killed, too, and Anna’s step-mother encouraged her to do so. Anna refused, spending her remaining hours in prayer and encouraging others in their faith. Martyr.


  • c.1886 in Machiazhuang, Weixian, Hebei, China





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