Saint Anna Schaeffer

photograph of Saint Anna Schaeffer, c.1920Memorial


Daughter of a poor carpenter. Anna dropped out of school at age 14 to work as a maid, and had hopes of a religious vocation, but her father’s death left her working to support the family, and she was a lifelong lay woman. In 1898 she received a vision of Christ who warned her that she had many years of pain ahead of her. She was paralyzed by an industrial accident in 1901 when she fell into a vat of boiling water and lost the use of her legs. From her sick bed she carried out an apostolate through correspondence. Known for her devotion to the Sacred Heart. May have received the stigmata, but always tried to hide the signs of it.






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Anna Schaeffer continues to be present among us with her message of life, which is a solid anchor of salvation when sad moments are experienced or when dark valleys are crossed. Pope John Paul II at Blessed Anna’s beatification

Jesus, I live for you. – Saint Anna’s dying words

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